Temenos Journal II

June 8, 2014

How a cheater cheats

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You know he’s cheating. You want to catch him. A talented womanizer (or manizer) has figured out how to cover their (deceptive) tracks.

First of all, you can bet he has two cell phones. At least one is kept hidden from you at all times. He keeps it in the glove compartment of his vehicle. Or in a box in the spare bedroom. He charges the phones when you are not home, then he takes the batteries out when he is hiding them… just in case you find one.

You know he is still in contact with that other woman, even though he has shown you how he has blocked her from his cell phone. Ha! There are so many ways for the other woman (women?) to reach him via random anonymous phone numbers. Check out the smartphone app “Burner,” for example. You think he’s getting an incoming call from a local number, and it’s really her, calling from another state, disguised behind a phony phone number. They’ve got sneaky ways!

A similar app is called “Hushed.” This one works like Burner, but texts and voice mail messages can be left. It is easy to get a number for, say, Garland, Texas, or from Reno or from any city in the United States. This number works in both directions and can be easily destroyed and replaced with another at any time. The numbers are temporary. This app surely contributes to plenty of shenanigans, all well-known to wo/manizers.

For even more tricks available to cheaters, check out SpoofCard (disguises caller ID) and Slydial (which allows the caller to bypass a phone call and leave a direct voice mail message). Smart cheaters know how to combine these apps so that messages and texts can be left even though the number has been blocked!

Cheaters use secret codes, too, while they sneak around. For example, if you walk in and catch him talking to his secret lover, he will give her the predetermined  code phrase that means “I’ve got to go, she’s here.” He might say something like, “I’ll send you a link to my video” and that will be a secret code.

He might tell you “She means nothing to me,” “She’s crazy,” “She’s stalking me,” etc. In the meantime, he’s telling the other woman that he loves her and he wants to be with her. Yes, really.

What kind of a woman tolerates this?


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