Temenos Journal II

July 6, 2012

What matters most….

What matters the most is… Can you turn off the chatter in your head long enough to give your total attention and focus to the present moment?

Because if you cannot do that, then you do not have control over your thoughts.

Uncontrolled thoughts are like static on a recording. Static detracts from the clarity of a recording. So does uncontrolled mind chatter detract from critical thinking and creative spontaneity.

We can improve our ability to control our thoughts by practicing. Athletes practice controlling their thoughts when they get “on their marks” in a race… or when they huddle up in a game.

We learn to focus our minds so that we give our best performance on the job or at our art or craft, or at our sport.

We can also learn to focus our minds in our daily spiritual practice, so that we can be quiet long enough to sense whether we are really on track or not. Our Higher Guidance is most often subtle. There must be quiet to hear the “still small voice.”

Keep your mind’s eye focused on being in your “right” mind, in the present moment…

That’s what seems to be most important in staying peaceful and sane.

Keep your focus on this moment