Temenos Journal II

January 23, 2013

New Year, Start Again

new beginning

There’s something about graduating to cronehood that really lit a fire under me to just take over myself. Something has come over me. Is this the menopause power surge I’ve heard about? I’ll take it! I’ve taken over my life and I’ve made some resolutions which have been pretty easy to keep so far.

I have resolved to…

1. Continue to reach out to my disconnected loved ones, without expectations. Reconciliation is inevitable… sooner or later… in every relationship without exception.

2. Keep writing. So far, so good.

3. Do not over-commit your time. Schedule time so you can recharge your batteries. Make that recharge-time your top priority… only to be trumped by family emergencies, mandatory work, or (in my case) a chance for spontaneous romance 😉 Seriously, I’m doing much better at knowing my limits so far this year, accepting that I’m not willing to burn the candles at both ends anymore. That’s for younger people.

4. Do not overspend. Save a cushion for unexpected trips to the vet. Or new tires. (I haven’t done so well on this one but at least I have new tires and a washer & dryer at last!). But… must now pull in the reins since Sweetie Pie is going to need a tooth extracted ($$$).

5. Drink more water. 

6. Attend ACIM study group weekly. I had been so faithful to my weekly Study Group in Reno for eight or so years… Then I lapsed for a year when I got to Cleveland and got all involved with Unity Center’s choir and music. I could do one or the other, not both. I chose choir because that was where I was needed. Now, since the New Year, I’ve been back on course with the Course and I’m staying on course because I’m resolved to do it. It helps me think more like God. Which brings me to Resolution #7.

7. Think more like God. 

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