Temenos Journal II

November 2, 2012

A Purple Funeral, of course

Purple Casket

Why do we wait until someone’s memorial service to gather in their honor?

They say when a loved one dies, either you are glad you spent quality time with them recently… or you regret that you didn’t spend more time together.

Why not make that phone call to someone with whom you’ve had a disconnect.  Give ten minutes of your time to invest in extending love… Reach out and show someone you’re ready to see them as innocent and give them a clean slate. Someone you have been avoiding because they remind you of… something in yourself that has not yet healed.

You can choose to heal. You can grow. You can let go.

Model forgiveness and acceptance, like Jesus and our Mother Mary.

Let it go.

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  1. Sage advice, if ever there was sage advice! Waiting until someone has died to celebrate his or her life can be such a waste, if no celebration took place during the person’s lifetime. It only takes a couple of minutes to let someone know they have touched your life.

    Comment by Stacy Alexander, Writer/Artist — November 5, 2012 @ 5:31 am |Reply

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