Temenos Journal II

October 4, 2012

Dog Food Bandits

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I live in a second-story walk-up apartment in a century home… which means there are a lot of steps. So I take mini trips to the store in order to keep my burdens light as I trek up the long flight of stairs every time I come home.

But I’ve gotten resourceful in my quest to lighten my burden. I discovered that I can order some things online and have the package delivered right next to my door by the young UPS guy.

When you have two dogs–even if they are small dogs–you buy big bags of dog food because it’s so much more economical. So I thought I was so clever when I ordered a big 30# bag of dog food online.

The other day I came home on my lunch hour and the UPS guy knocked on the door while I was there. “Terrific!” I said, as I shoved the box inside the apartment and dashed back to work.

Who would have thought the doggies would know what was inside that box through all those layers? This is the messy scene I came home to! Bad doggies!!

Neither chihuahua would admit to the break-in, but Sweetie Pie (the blind one) was so bloated that she could hardly walk. (She has since recovered, but she is now on a reduced-calorie diet.)

Sweetie Pie

ooooo….. I can’t believe I ate so much….

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