Temenos Journal II

May 29, 2012

Will ya get a load of that, Marge!

Saved by Jesus

Not just any street, Bedford, Ohio

Will ya get a load of that, Marge! Looks like one of the neighbors done got SAYuhv’d by JAYuhzuhss!

Come on… you have to admit you’ve made fun in your mind sometimes when you’ve heard a zealous person who gets healed and throws away his cane and cries,  “Hallelujah! I’ve been SAYuhv’d by JAYuhzuhss!”

Praise God! Someone was a gimp… now they walk proudly!

Someone is stronger now, and can walk on their own two feet.

Someone on my street is clicking their heels, relieved of the burden of a crutch that no longer serves them.

File under Lessons from the Street.

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    Comment by Stacy Alexander, Writer/Artist — May 29, 2012 @ 7:06 pm |Reply

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