Temenos Journal II

May 29, 2012

Tough Love Baby


Tortured Prisoner of Your Own Mind


I know a lot about you.

(to be read with a hillbilly twang)

Why is you so terrified of looking in the mirror?

You IS what you is THINKING about.

Think fear… and manifest bogey men and crazy bitches.

I know a lot about you… and you know I do.

You fear that I know as much as I know but guess what….

You may as well relax because you can’t rewrite history… no matter how many times you repeat your lies.

I’m inside yo’ head now.

It’s easy to be here because there is so much empty space inside yo’ head.

Get it over with. Come clean. Knock it off with the bullshit.

I know a lot about you. I know you need to detox and heal. You know I know.

You can’t fly if you keep getting knocked down, Son.

You need a caring mentor, my Son, a Good Coach.

Choose the path of Love and Righteousness and Healing.

Do not forget who You are.

Just say no to insanity and poison. Amen.

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