Temenos Journal II

May 16, 2012

Feathering the Nest

Filed under: Temenos Journal,Writing & Creativity — by Genie Webster @ 11:04 am

One thing about being single… You can live in whatever style you want! If you want the dining room to be the staging zone for projects… so be it! If you want the kitchen table to be the bill-paying area… who cares! If you want to share your bed with the doggies… who’s to complain! If you want to eat popcorn & yogurt for dinner… so what!

I enjoy being the sovereign ruler in my humble domain.

But every once in a while I get a visitor from another land, so now I’m scrambling around to make the place more comfortable for two adult people instead of just me.

Normal food in the refrigerator, room for another place at the table, room for another adult to sleep, and another place to sit on the porch.

Rearranging, dusting, shopping, putting stuff away, cleaning, clearing.

I love to have company, especially a dear friend! The doggies are already waiting at the door in anticipation….

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