Temenos Journal II

April 23, 2012

Walking Away from a Hornet’s Nest

I had gone to a friend’s mountain home to check on the property in Doyle, California for him. It had been unoccupied for many months. Wild rose bushes were overgrown and cobwebs were everywhere. I took a walk down to the brook, a hundred yards or so from the house. There, the owner kept an old Airstream trailer.

I found the key to the trailer in its secret hiding place under a specific rock, and I unlocked the padlock to the door on the old trailer. The door seemed stuck, but I tugged at it and pulled it open only to discover a swarm of crawly black things… a hundred or so?… behind the grill work of the screen door.

At first I thought the creatures were black widow spiders because they were so large (for spiders), but when a few of them flew away I realized I had stirred up a nest of hornets… large ones!

I quickly closed the door and locked the padlock. Hornets locked inside. No problem. No harm done. I just walked away peacefully and didn’t go back. (Not my problem :).)

What a coincidence, I thought to myself. This reminds me of the hornet’s nest I stirred up recently when I opened the door to an attempt at communication with a person I hardly knew, and had just met. This person responded by hurling a quick and immediate salvo. I ducked in time.

No, thank you, I’ll just keep that door closed and padlocked too.

Luckily, I didn’t get stung in either situation.


Walking away from a hornet’s nest is similar to leaping out of a shark tank. See On the Strategy of the Dolphin

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