Temenos Journal II

January 3, 2012

On Decluttering and Letting Go of what doesn’t work

Clutter is like static. It’s annoying and distracting.

I look around and if my house is cluttered, it usually reflects a cluttered mind.

A cluttered mind is an out-of-control mind… where the static takes precedence over clear thoughts.

If your mind is cluttered, then there is no room for “space.” Good ideas, glimmers of inspiration, and whispers of revelations cannot enter where there is no space.

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t clutter our minds to consciously or unconsciously prevent revelations or clarity.

Most people prefer not to change, so they put up barriers to new information which may challenge their status quo.

Students of Dolphin Strategy want to change because the world is changing. They know that their brains and their thought processes must change with the world or they will become stagnant, or, heaven forbid… carp-like.

When I wrote the song “Room for You,” I had just closed a business that had been my consuming identity for 13 years. I sold, gave away, or discarded over 3000 square feet of STUFF. I moved out of a large 2-bedroom apartment into one bedroom at my father’s house. I sold, gave away, or discarded closets of clothes, shelves of books, and boxes and boxes of office supplies, gadgets, knick knacks and STUFF that represented pieces of me that were now history.

In order to transform and reinvent myself, I had to make room for the new.

Like weeds that can choke the growth of new sprouts, accumulated STUFF can be symbolic of psychological baggage that you are unwilling to dig up and release. My external house and office purging was simply a dramatization of the inner work that I had embarked upon. Let go of that habit… release that relationship… throw away that worn out sweatshirt… banish all things that no longer serve the “new” you that you are creating. The process was scary, exhilarating, sometimes even humiliating, but necessary and ultimately empowering and liberating.

I went through this process again when I chose to leave Reno to reinvent myself yet again back home in Cleveland.

When this song first came to me, I knew it was a revelation, a special gift. It was a snapshot of innocence and wonder. At first I thought it was an invitation to someone—a non-threatening peaceful offer of a hand to hold for part of the journey. Then it slowly dawned on me that this was a song that I was singing to my own precious soul… the soul that had been neglected during the frantic workaholic years of building my business.

It was also a way for me to reach out to my child, who had also been neglected during these years. What about the needs of family members that went unnoticed and unattended because I had been so preoccupied with… clutter? All that STUFF was really not that important in the big picture… but I was not aware of it at the time.

And so the “you” in “Room For You” applies to all of the above… my own soul, my daughter, my family and friends, and God.

This song is even more relevant for me today than it was when I wrote it more than 15 years ago. Once again, I find myself in the process of decluttering so that I may make room for the important things… like simplicity and space… where love can breathe, and whispers can be heard.

Listen to and/or download: Room For You

Read the lyrics: Room For You (lyrics)

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