Temenos Journal II

December 24, 2011

The Miracle of Winter Solstice and the Blessing of Christmas

The essential blessing of Christmas is the reminder that the birthday of Baby Jesus signaled a new age, a new spiritual ballgame. This is good news and so we gather together to celebrate and be glad every year.

The wise and enlightened ones at the time of this birth recognized this innocent child as the one who was the bringer of some big spiritual news. We celebrate the birthday of this newborn Son/Sun of God annually in close correspondence to the day of the Winter Solstice… the moment when the wheel of the year turns to bring back the Light to the earth, both literally and metaphorically.

As we’ve collectively kind of figured out over the ensuing 2000 or so years, the big news has been that it has become a new ballgame spiritually, as far as knowing the Truth about God.

Out with the old accepted traditions (such as eye for an eye) and in with Jesus’ Way, which was and is forgiveness, kindness, humility, non-judgement and acceptance.

BOOM… a holy child of God was born and he had some Big News to impart. He’s still trying to get that Big News and spiritual paradigm shift drummed into our heads and hearts.

To paraphrase, he said. “I’m not so special. You can be like I am and you too can be peaceful, and steady, and continually kind and loving, like me. You are perfect as you are. Stick with me and I will teach you and Our Father will protect us. Our Mother will comfort us and nourish us. The Holy Spirit will guide us. I’m telling you… I am a Perfect Child of God and you are too, my brother (they called everybody brother in those days. I’ve gotten over that.)

The birthday of the Christ Child reminds us that we should shut up already and pay attention. Let go of trying to control everything. Be innocent again. See things with new eyes. Heal and let go of your old wounds because you can heal your heart if you want to.

Love each other and take care of one another. Be kind to one another. Be a good daughter (or a good son). Be kind to your older, sometimes neglected relatives. Be kind and reach out to the lonely ones. Forgive just one person who hurt your feelings many years ago. Forgive yourself and start over.

If we can “choose again” and heal just one ancient grievance and start anew with an open heart… then we are starting to get it about the Good News. Which is, of course, that we can choose again every Christmas, (or every Hanukkah, or every Yule, or Kwanzaa). We can let one grievance burn with the Yule log.

The miracle of Winter Solstice is that each and every year, without fail, on the minute after the longest night of the year… the Light returns. Days start getting longer again.

May the Light be born anew in our hearts this Holy Day.


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  1. Beautiful post, Genie.

    Comment by Stacy Alexander, Writer/Artist — December 24, 2012 @ 10:17 am |Reply

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