Temenos Journal II

July 1, 2011

The PIA* Quotient

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When I was a band leader, I didn’t always choose the most talented musician to be part of any given music project. There are many aspects to consider… musicianship, experience, charisma, reliability, and that hard-to-define aspect which I call the PIA* quotient.

This same aspect is applicable in choosing players for any team… be it a creative team, business team, volunteer team, medical team, etc. etc.

Is the team member needy, always looking for attention? Do they often stir up tension or drama? Do they have a disruptive significant other or other baggage that comes with the package? Do they know how to behave in a professional situation? Do they do their homework? Do they read their emails? Do they require handholding? Do you like to hang out with them? Or… are they a PIA?

Most people can be a PIA now and then… I know I can be one sometimes. That’s where the quotient part of this aspect comes in. On a scale from one to 10, what is a potential team member’s PIA quotient.? Hopefully, with me, it is only a one or a two (sometimes higher, I admit).

If a person is highly qualified otherwise, and their PIA quotient is in the mid-range, like three to six, then they are still coachable (usually). A patient mentor can usually help improve a protegé’s PIA quotient.

However, I have concluded that it is just not worth the price in aggravation and disruption to hire a team member with a high PIA quotient. Not unless there is absolutely no one else available.

*PIA = Pain In the Ass

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