Temenos Journal II

June 5, 2011

Why I write

Welcome to my more mature Temenos Journal, a blog I used to write before it was called blogging, back in the 1980s. I called it a newsletter. I would write articles and print out newsletters and mail them out at my own expense.

Why do I write, anyway?

I think I write because I’m not that good at talking. At the very least, I usually feel inadequate during a conversation. I do not watch TV or read the newspapers, so I am inept at most small talk.

I’ve always had the intention of someday joining Toastmasters, so I could gain more confidence in extemporaneously speaking. But it has never been a priority because… I can write.

I write because I have something to say. I don’t want to argue. I don’t really care if you agree or disagree. I just want to say something… without being interrupted, and without being challenged or dismissed. I am not a politician… I am an artist. I do not seek to persuade… I seek to express.

Another reason I write is simply for the practice. The more I write, the better I’ll get at it (like anything else). I am experimenting with some things too… and letting fly some test balloons. I have no goals or desired outcomes that I seek with my writing; therefore I have nothing to lose. I’m just practicing.

The people who have been involved in my life often recognize themselves in my stories. Some are flattered, some are uncomfortable. Some get indignant and insist “that was not the way it happened.” It’s just my story, from my perspective, at a particular moment. Sometimes I have brilliant clarity and insight, and sometimes I’m confused and conflicted. And sometimes I make stuff up.

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